Motorcycle Safety Awareness

A rainy month of May postponed the start of motorcycle riding season, but now it’s sunny and the bikes are out.

Warmer weather also means it’s time to cut the grass, and for motorcycle safety, mowers are encouraged to not blow grass into the road.

Stann Wiebler, Marketing Director for Walters Brothers Harley Davidson, compared grass on the road to ice.

“I don’t think people understand how dangerous grass on the road can be for motorcycles,” Wiebler said. “It’s actually worse than being on ice in a motor vehicle. Even in a motor vehicle you have four wheels to kind of absorb that traction, and on a bike you don’t”.

Wiebler said when it comes to grass on the road, he does not believe someone is doing it to intentionally put someone’s life in danger.

“I have to believe it’s an education issue,” Wiebler said.

While mowing, blowing cut grass back onto a yard is actually a positive.

“Once it gets into other grass, it actually acts as a fertilizer so it’s better for your grass,” Wiebler said. “It’s a win-win”.

If grass does end up in the road, Wiebler said sweeping it off the road can make a world of a difference.

Blowing grass onto the road is also against the law.

“When people get upset on a motorcycle because they see this, it’s not so much that we’re mad, it’s that we think and we know our lives are in danger. And I don’t know if there’s ever a way we can relay that to someone who hasn’t been on two wheels,” Wiebler said.

Grass in the roadways has been a bigger issue this year, according to Wiebler.

“Riding season was postponed largely because of the rain, compound that with the fact that there’s so much grass out there now. And, people are coming out and mowing really tall grass, which is making it even more dense when it goes onto the roadways,” Wiebler said.

“I think our job now is to make sure that people do know it. And then hopefully we can make the roads safer for everybody,” Wiebler said.

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There are other dangers to motorcycles on the road, such as being seen by other drivers.

“I think that we as motorcyclists need to realize that it’s two-sided,” Wiebler said. “We want people to see us, but we also need to be aware of what’s going on around us”.

Harley’s are known to be loud, and Wiebler said that is for a reason.

“It’s see and be seen,” Wiebler said. “We put bright lights on our bike, we have loud pipes on our bike, and that’s an effort to make sure people see us doing what we love”.

Wiebler said there is a risk with riding a motorcycle, “But, working together we are trying to make the roads safer for everyone”.

“We are all humans out there. We all have children, we are children, we are parents, we’re grandparents, we have people that love us and we love people,” Wiebler said.

Also when it comes to motorcycle safety, Wiebler said wearing a helmet is a personal choice.

“We all take risks in things that we do. Some people choose to ride without a helmet, some people choose to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. There’s something about a thrill in life that we all enjoy,” Wiebler said.

While Wiebler does choose to wear a helmet while riding, others choose not to, “And you do something that causes harm to yourself, then that’s your own issue”.

However, if someone does not wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, Wieber said there is no right to judge them.

“It does not give people the right to think that that person not wearing a helmet means they don’t want to live,” Wiebler said.

Riding motorcycles is a passionate and thrilling adventure with some risks, according to Wiebler, and he hopes there can be mutual respect on the roadways.

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